Richardson & Waters Corporation: Transforming A Global Sales Team

Waters partnered with Richardson to improve the way their sales teams engaged with their buyers.  Across 120 locations globally and in 9 different languages, the Richardson team built skills to help Waters differentiate themselves from their competition, create value for a diverse group of decision makers, and ultimately win more business. 

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“The whole [sales training] process was extremely interesting. During our investigation of potential partners, we discovered there were a lot of elements we were not aware of. For example: the forgetting curve – that soon after a training event up to 80% of learning is lost, unless you have a strategy for knowledge retention. Similarly, there needs to be a strategy for measuring progress, one that compares the pre-training state with post-training results. We learned there were several elements beyond just training for the whole curriculum to change behaviors. This process not only helped me, it helped the whole team to learn more about how we can change the behavior of people. I’m very proud that we are seeing the result of that now.” --- Alex Tisserand, Senior Director of Sales Development & Support