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Today’s buyers are well down the path of their buying journey before ever engaging a salesperson

Changes in how global organizations, individual business buyers, and consumers make purchase decisions have driven permanent shifts in how sales organizations must go to market and interact with customers and prospects. Buyers are more informed and have more choices to solve problems, yet they are more likely to stick with the status quo

Richardson's Second Edition Consultative Selling program empower sellers with the skills that they need to demonstrate credibility, foster trust and openness through authenticity, offer ideas that shape thinking and help surface unrecognized needs, and connect the dots to create value. 

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Proven Results for Our Clients.
Richardson works with some of the world’s most admired companies across a wide range of industries. Our clients have experienced signi cant and quanti able success from our sales performance improvement solutions. We measure results from experiential and quantitative levels using performance surveys, tracking, benchmarking, and ROI.