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Meet the Australian and New Zealand Leadership Team

Gareth-Aldis-Richardson-Sales-Training-Australia.pngGareth Aldis is a Managing Director of Richardson for Australia and New Zealand. His high energy and engaging facilitation skills, combined with international coaching experience creates self-motivating learning environments. Gareth has 23 years of experience in management, sales, and facilitation and has provided sales training services throughout Asia for the past 6 years.

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Sales-Training-In-Australia-Diane-Lamont.jpgDiane Lamont is a Managing Director of Richardson for Australia and New Zealand, and the APAC region. As a facilitator calls upon her 25+ years of sales training and management experience to encourage debate, discussion, and experience sharing that is respectful of different cultural perspectives. Diane has worked for Richardson for more than 11 years, during that time she has delivered the entire range of Richardson customized programs, from Consultative selling to High Performance Selling, across a variety of industries.

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Meet our Australian/New Zealand Team

Richardson-Austrailia-New-Zealand-Trainer.jpgMatthew Clacy is one of our senior facilitators for Richardson in ANZ. Matt has worked with both sales and non-sales in understanding and developing better skills and processes to improve overall commercial results for individuals and companies. As a faclitator, Matt brings hands-on and current sales coaching experience.

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Richardson-Austrailia-New-Zealand-Trainer-Robbie.jpgRobbie Moroney is also one of our senior facilitators and executive business coach at Richardson Australia and New Zealand. Robbie draws on over 20 years of facilitation experience in sales, customer service, leadership and coaching throughout the UK, Asia and Australia. Robbie has worked extensively with a number of large corporations, predominantly in the financial services, call centre, manufacturing and telecommunications industries.

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About Richardson Sales Training

Richardson is a global sales training and sales force effectiveness company. We have over 30 years of experience creating customised sales training solutions that build organisational capability and improve the individual skills necessary to grow profitable sales.

Global Presence

Richardson delivers sales training solutions in key theatres such as Australia and New Zealand, Asia Pacific, Europe and America. We have on-the-ground resources in Australia supported by a global network of dedicated Senior Richardson Trainers, Designers and Implementation Professionals to support global scalability and to meet project timelines. In addition we have:

  • Sales-Training-In-Australia-New-Zealand-Asia-Pacific.pngOffices in the Australia, Singapore, UK, and USA
  • Delivered programs in more than 50 countries and languages including, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Vietnamese, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German and Dutch.
  • Additional satellite offices around the globe
  • 200 tenured professionals
  • 65+ Senior Training Consultants and Coaches

Richardson's Sales Effectiveness System

Our core differentiator is the Richardson Sales Effectiveness System, a framework that allows us to address the unique needs, culture, and circumstances within your sales force and your company. Using a highly collaborative approach and proven building block curriculum, we focus on enabling the right sales activity and effective customer dialogues to achieve business results. We can help you with one piece at a time, based on your biggest opportunity for sales lift, or develop a transformational solution that combines all the pieces of our solution:

  • Sales ConsultancyRichardson-Sales-Effectiveness-System.jpg
  • Skill Assessment
  • Talent Audits and Selection
  • Customised Sales Training
  • Digital Learning Retention Tools  
  • Coaching - Individual and Group/Team
  • Training Measurement

We partner with some of the largest and most sophisticated companies in the world across all major business sectors providing an emphasis on the necessary skills to execute your sales process and achieve your goals. Our solutions are delivered to the highest standards by experienced facilitators and consultants who have deep industry experience and have “carried a bag”.

Richardson is the “how” to the “what.” We provide an emphasis on skills and  tools that enable your sales people to succeed. Complete the form to the right to download a copy of our curriculum guide and to have one of our Australian/New Zealand consultants contact you.


Australia's Richardson Client Honored with Silver at the latest Brandon Hall Awards


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